2016 Call for Volunteers

Looking for more involvement in CRD? CRD has the following volunteer opportunities available! Please read the descriptions and estimated time commitments for the volunteer opportunities below. 
Please note that all volunteer opportunities are reserved for current CRD Members.

Interested? Indicate your preferences via CRD Connect.

Education Committee
Tasks: Work on session development  and speaker recruitment for CRD's Educational Programs, such Boot Camp and the Summer Institute. Develop a slate of potential speakers, for various development topics.
Time commitment: one year, to run approximately Sept 2015-Sept 2016
Estimated workload: Moderate

Membership Committee
Tasks:  Review current member benefits. Review lists of current CRD members, to determine how well schools are being represented by their members; make recommendations to increase membership in larger schools that are being underrepresented. Assist with "championing" the CRD Members community on CRD Connect. Assist with developing content for CRD's social media sites.
Time commitment: one year, to run approximately Sept 2015-Sept 2016
Estimated workload: Moderate
Resources Task Force
Task:  Review resources section of the CRD website; make suggestions for improvement; draft content for new resources documents and/or recruit other subject matter experts to write content
Time commitment: December 2015-March 2016
Estimated workload: Moderate
Webinar Committee
Task:  Create webinar schedule for  2016, decide on webinar topics, recruit speakers, and moderate webinars as requested. Assist staff with marketing for webinars.
Time commitment: 2016
Estimated workload: Moderate
Social Media
Task: Create messaging for CRD’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, to create interest in CRD live educational programs, webinars, and other CRD initiatives.
Time commitment: ongoing (for as long as you are willing to post or tweet!)
Estimated workload: An hour or two per week?
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