CRD Mission
The mission of The Council for Resource Development (CRD) is to empower community colleges to succeed in securing funds that strengthen communities and ensures student success.

CRD Vision 
The vision of The Council for Resource Development (CRD) is to be the "Go To" association for community college fundraising and grant professionals for: Education, Networking, Mentoring, and Leadership Development. 


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The national office is located in Silver Spring, MD. 
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•Responsiveness•Respect•Integrity•Innovation•Inclusiveness•Generosity•Excellence•CollaborationRecognizing the diversity of experiences and institutions, our membership supports and honors the following values:CRD ValuesCRD provides high quality, high impact, and cost-effective programs, trainings, and services to its members and member institutions.CRD PromiseCRD cultivates vibrant communities of practice that target the needs of professionals who are engaged in public and private fundraising work.CRD Value Proposition