Reach thousands of resource development professionals and college administrators via Dispatch - now published four times per year as a web-based issue. You can also advertise on the CRD website or via direct e-mail advertising!

Dispatch 2015 Ad Rates - Rotating Banners on the Dispatch Website

Full page: $700 per cycle per issue. (For all three issues: $2,100)
1/2 page (vertical - 3.625" x 9.5"): $400 per cycle per issue (all 3 issues: $1,200)
1/2 page (horizontal - 7.5" x 4.5"): $400 per cycle per issue (all 3 issues: $1,200)
1/4 page (3.625"x4.5"): $300 per cycle per issue (for all 3 issues: $900)
1/8 page (3.75" x 2.5"): $225 per cycle per issue (for all 3 issues: $650)

CRD Website Advertising
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Media Kit Link:

Need to talk to someone? 
For more information please contact:
Amy Fink
Ph: 202-822-0750 ext. 104 

Direct E-mail Advertising
CRD sends your message to 1,600+ CRD members: $500* per message per mailing
*Partner Members get a discounted rate of $300

Direct Mail Advertising (available to current members only)
CRD supplies you with one spreadsheet of current members: $500*
*Partner Members get a discounted rate of $300

2015 Annual Conference Program 
Inside Cover: Front and Back:  8.5 x 11 $1,200
1/2 Page vertical: 3.375" x 9.25"  $600
1/2 Page horizontal: 7" x 4.5"  $600
1/4 Page: 3.375" x 4.5" $275 

Combined Advertising Rate Discounts
Send the same message using two or more media and get these discounts:

Pick 2 media: 10% discount
Pick 3 media: 15% discount
Pick 4 media: 20% discount

CRD also offers exhibit space at its workshops and the annual conference, as well as event and premium sponsorship opportunities. Discount rates are available for Partner Members.

For more information, contact:

Amy Fink, Marketing Specialist
Council for Resource Development
8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 700
Silver Spring, MD 20910
202-822-0750 ext. 104