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Top Reasons to Attend 2015 Funding The Future 

1. Sharpen your skills! There's always something new to learn 

2. Engage! There's no better place to network.

3. Regroup. Recharge. Take time to regain your focus-you'll be challended and invigorated 

4. Discover new vendors, products, and services. Learn about the current business tools to help you .

Explore new and exciting ways that community college advancement and grant offices are creating long-term solutions for bridging the funding gaps our institutions face, as budget cuts continue to be an ongoing challenge.  Bridging the gap may mean filling those funding gaps with new resources, doing more with less, and bridging silos within our institutions.  With sessions serving all career levels you'll be able to build an unforgettable learning experience, as well as better serve your school's mission. For more information click here
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